Coaches & Consultants - Are you looking to get your website built but struggling to find 'THE' right tech solution?

Well, let's figure out your business model first
then the


will become a lot clearer!

Watch this short video to see which business model you are using!

Let's recap the 3 things you must have for your business website.

SEO Optimized Website

This is core for any website, but worth mentioning again to ensure it's not an after thought.  Now, SEO also includes fast hosting, mobile responsive pages, and having proper tags for indexing etc.

Gated content for free!

Having a free offer to get your website visitors on your email list is another must have.  Call it Lead Magnet or Gated Content, it's necessary for your business to have this feature.

Payment Gateway & Cart Solution

I know this is not mentioned in the video above, but I think we all agree that having a way to get paid is a must-have, no matter what business model you choose above.

Now that you have clarity on the business model that best suits you.

This is what most coaches & consultants get stuck on...

Should I go for 3rd Party Software like Wix, Squarespace, Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific or should I go for WordPress?

For Coaches & Consultants Who Want Full Control & Flexibility


Techno phobia is real when it comes to coaches looking for the best platform, because they don't know which option is ideal as they are still testing out the market.  They make up for this by buying tools and subscriptions to make up for the fear of loosing opportunities before actually making money.

This is exactly why starting out with your own platform is important because you need this core 'hub' for your business anyways!  

My suggestion is its better to grow out of your own platform if and when you realize that it will not meet your requirements, rather than the other way around and being limited by your 3rd party software solution.

Now, if you have decided WordPress is the way to go.
Here are three easy options based on your Business Model!

Course Website

If you offer courses that can be purchased  for one-off cost, this is the setup you want!

Membership Website

Want to sell different memberships and  levels, this is the website setup you want!

Booking Website

For 1-on-1 or group coaching, and  booking/calendar functionality this will get you started!

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